Troubles in the World of Sports

As the winter continues to bring us cold temperatures, the sports world continues to bring us excitement. This time of year always brings up lots of talking points as most of the professional sports leagues are in season. While many teams are having great seasons and have lots to be happy about, other teams are very angry and/or not playing all that well. As you know, on this blog we care about the teams that aren’t doing well! After reviewing some sources I’ve put together a little list of the bad “things” happening in sports and stories that you could end up seeing on my blog in the future.

1.Blown call in New Orleans

On January 20th the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles matched up for what was a great NFC Championship game. Unfortunately the game will go down as one of the biggest controversial wins for the Rams due to a missed call late in the fourth quarter. A clear pass interference call was missed which brought the game to overtime, costing the Saints the game. The referees later admitted that they missed the call but there is nothing they can do about it at this point.

2.West Virginia Men’s Basketball

Being a WVU student myself, I have a little bit of a soft side for WVU basketball and this year the team is just bad. Coming into the 2019 season the Mountaineers were ranked in the AP top 25 poll for 54 straight weeks, one of the longest streaks in College Basketball. That streak quickly came to an end as they were not ranked after the first game of the season. The Mountaineers year has been on a downward slope since the first game as they have not been able to do anything in Big 12 Conference play. The team is young and is lacking leadership, something that Coach Huggins hasn’t had to deal with in awhile.

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3. The NFL Pro Bowl is a Joke

The NFL’s Pro Bowl or All-Star Game was this past Sunday and man is it hard to watch. I myself sat down and watched a little bit of it because I was bored and was quick to turn it off. First of all, the players get nothing out of the game and it has no meaning. Many people around the sports world are trying to figure out ways to make the Pro Bowl worth watching or replace it with something completely different.

4. MLB Players Upset Some of the Best in the Game Remain Unsigned

Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, two of baseballs All-Stars have been free agents since the baseball season ended in November and have yet to be signed by a team. Active players like Evan Longoria and Kris Bryant are not happy with this and believe that it is unfair for the players with spring training only a month away. They believe that these players are being undervalued for something they have been working their whole lives for.

5. Drama In Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the premier teams in the NFL, yet star players don’t want to play for them. This NFL offseason and during the beginning of the season it was unclear why All Pro Le’veon Bell did not reach an agreement with the Steelers. Now, arguably the best receiver in the league, Antonio Brown says we wants out of Pittsburgh. Clearly there is something wrong with the front office and coaching staff of the Steelers for scaring these two studs away.

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Each day, something new in the sports world will arise and will leave our heads shaking. I have been able to find plenty of sources over the past couple of days that will help me provide some interesting reads in the future.

The Once Great Cavaliers Sit at Dead Last in NBA

The Cleveland Cavaliers have gone to the NBA finals the past 4 seasons and are now the worst team in the NBA, how is this possible and what should they do? The Cavs lost to the Boston Celtics last night putting their record at 9-40, the worst in the NBA. The Cavs have been absolutely atrocious this season after being one of the best teams in the NBA the last five years. Their success in the past was largely in part to arguably the greatest player in the history of the NBA, Lebron James. Of course, Lebron left in the offseason to take his talents to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers. It’s crazy to think that one player could make such a difference to an entire basketball team but the 2018-2019 Cavaliers are proving it.

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The Cavs have been playing without their star veteran player Kevin Love for most of the season and have had lingering injuries from Tristan Thompson, Larry Nance Jr, and J.R. Smith, all key players in last year’s championship run. They also fired the coach that brought them to those four straight finals, Ty Lou, six games into the season. Being so far out of any playoff contention before the midpoint of the season the Cavs are left with no choice but to tank and let their young players take form. First round pick Collin Sexton has been having a fine year producing 14.6 points per game and averaging just about three rebounds and assists per game as well. Other young players such as Cedi Osman and Larry Nance Jr provide optimism for Cavs fans as they are both having quality seasons. The Cavs frankly just don’t have the pieces they need to be an effective team in the NBA right now and their record shows.

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The Cavaliers will be looking to dump many players at the trade deadline hoping to secure more cap space for the 2019 offseason and a couple more draft picks. Cleveland will most likely be picking in the top five during the NBA Draft which is full of young studs like Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, and Ja Morant. The 2018-2019 season will be one to throw away for Cavs fans, but the future is bright.

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CFP Final: Alabama’s Point of View

The Clemson Tigers blew out the Alabama Crimson Tide last week in the College Football National Championship game. Mostly all the news is about Clemson and how well they performed but what are people saying about Alabama, the heavily favored team that lost the game?


It’s interesting to look into what kind of words and descriptions writers use when talking about the losing team in sports. Alabama, who has been one of the most dominant college football teams in recent history was absolutely destroyed by Clemson 44-16 last Monday, January 7th. A major talking point has been about Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. The sophomore QB finished 2nd in the Heisman Trophy voting this year which leaves many thinking, “How could he have possibly let this happen to his team?”.  Some believe that Tua was trying to be too “Heroic” and he should have just played this game like it was any other. I found that most of the time when writers talk about the losing team, its very easy to put the blame on one individual player. In this case it is Tua.

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Another thing that I saw was a common thing among writers was mention the reasons why this loss could be “good” for Alabama. I personally do not believe that there can be many good reasons for a loss but with Alabama being such a historic college football team, it’s easy to find positives. Writer Stephen A. Smith said that Alabama losing can be seen as a positive for head coach Nick Saban. He mentions that Saban is always getting on his players, he’s never relaxed, always yelling even if he is up 70-0. Saban is like this because he doesn’t take anything for granted, and doesn’t assume anything. A great lesson for everyone to learn and it was proved in this year’s National Championship Game.