CFP Final: Alabama’s Point of View

The Clemson Tigers blew out the Alabama Crimson Tide last week in the College Football National Championship game. Mostly all the news is about Clemson and how well they performed but what are people saying about Alabama, the heavily favored team that lost the game?


It’s interesting to look into what kind of words and descriptions writers use when talking about the losing team in sports. Alabama, who has been one of the most dominant college football teams in recent history was absolutely destroyed by Clemson 44-16 last Monday, January 7th. A major talking point has been about Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. The sophomore QB finished 2nd in the Heisman Trophy voting this year which leaves many thinking, “How could he have possibly let this happen to his team?”.  Some believe that Tua was trying to be too “Heroic” and he should have just played this game like it was any other. I found that most of the time when writers talk about the losing team, its very easy to put the blame on one individual player. In this case it is Tua.

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Another thing that I saw was a common thing among writers was mention the reasons why this loss could be “good” for Alabama. I personally do not believe that there can be many good reasons for a loss but with Alabama being such a historic college football team, it’s easy to find positives. Writer Stephen A. Smith said that Alabama losing can be seen as a positive for head coach Nick Saban. He mentions that Saban is always getting on his players, he’s never relaxed, always yelling even if he is up 70-0. Saban is like this because he doesn’t take anything for granted, and doesn’t assume anything. A great lesson for everyone to learn and it was proved in this year’s National Championship Game.