Johnny Manziel Released from CFL Team

Johnny Manziel, arguably the biggest disappointment of a football player in recent years, has run into yet another roadblock in his career. On Wednesday February 27th, the Montreal Alouettes released Manziel after he “contravened the agreement which made him eligible to play” in the Canadian Football League. That being said, the CFL has come out and told the eight other teams in the league that they are not allowed to sign Manziel. Just another football league that won’t ever feature “Johnny Football” again. In light of Johnny being in the news, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at his infamous career and how he even ended up in the CFL in the first place.

Johnny Manziel first came into the scene in 2012 when he was a freshman at Texas A&M University. Manziel led A&M to a victory over top ranked Alabama and made a highlight that no college football fan will forget.

Manziel became the first freshman ever to win the Heisman Trophy award on Dec. 8, 2012. He lived up to the Heisman name, with a great performance in the Cotton bowl to cap off his season. The following day Manziel posted a picture of himself on Instagram at a casino showing off some cash.

2012-1-6 Manziel cash

Photo via @jmanziel11

In August of 2013, The NCAA launched an investigation was launched to find out if Manziel was being paid to sign memorabilia. The Quarterback was only suspended for the first half A&M’s season opener. Fast forward to Jan. 8, 2014 Manziel declared for the NFL Draft. He was selected 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns and the downward spiral began.

Manziel celebrating getting drafted. Photo by

Manziel started his career with the Browns and immediately got fined on Aug. 11, 2014 after showing up late to a team meeting. A few days later he gets fined $12,000 for pointing a middle finger at an opposing team’s bench. Manziel played a little bit for the Browns but overall did not have a season worth mentioning.

On Feb. 15, 2015 Johnny Manziel chose to put himself into rehab to help deal with his alcohol problem and overall trying to become more mature.

Feb. 2, 2016, Manziel’s second year in the NFL didn’t go any better than his first as the Browns came out and said they plan to move on from him. Johnny took his anger out by allegedly assaulting his girlfriend on Feb. 4, 2016. The case takes about a year to solve, when the charges were finally dropped on Nov. 29, 2017.

Manziel in court. Photo by Andy Jacobson 

Manziel was involved in numerous other mishaps over that time but still ended up receiving an offer to play in the Canadian Football League on Jan. 7, 2018. He played in the CFL for about a year until he was released Yesterday. As you can see, Manziel has put together quite the career. It will be interesting to see if he can ever truly get his act together a put together a decent career somewhere. Manziel is still only 26 years old and with the new AAF football league and the XFL coming soon, everyone will be wondering if Johnny will make a team.

Syracuse Head Coach Kills a Man

Syracuse Orange head basketball coach Jim Boeheim struck and killed a man while driving his car on February 20th. 51-year-old Jorge Jimenez was walking on the side of the highway when his own car crashed into the guard rail on a New York Highway. Boeheim, driving down the road at a normal speed did not see Jimenez and struck him. Boeheim expressed his feels as he said “it’s an unimaginable situation”. “I can’t describe the feeling I’ve had since Wednesday night. I don’t think I can make anyone understand who hasn’t been there. This is something that’s there forever for me”

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The hall of fame coach went on to lead Syracuse in their game against Duke four days after the incident. After the game Boeheim received sympathy from both sides. He added, “first and foremost, to the Jimenez family, I want them to know how truly devastated I am for my involvement in the loss of their loved one, Jorge Jimenez.”


Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Solicited Prostitution

On Monday, February 25th, New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft was charged with two counts of soliciting a prostitute. Kraft, one of the most successful owners in the NFL, has never faced charges like this before. The 77 year old billionaire visited a spa in Florida and asked for a sex act on two separate occasions. Once on January 19th and again on the 20th, just hours before the Patriots AFC Championship game. The video below goes into more detail on the incident.

Kraft has already come out and denied engaging in any illegal activity. The court case is expected to be conducted sometime in April, with Kraft facing up to a year in prison plus a $5,000 fine and community service.

Social media was quick to roast the Patriots Owner, here are some of my favorites.

Is Zion Williamson’s Season Over?

Duke Blue Devils’ superstar basketball player Zion Williamson suffered a freak injury last Wednesday, February 20th. In the first 40 seconds of the game, Williamson tore through his entire shoe and suffered a grade 1 right knee sprain. Since then, Zion missed Duke’s last game against Syracuse and is not expected to play tomorrow against Virginia Tech.

The question that has been floating around is not when Zion will return to play, but whether he will play again at all this season. Expected to the number one overall pick in this years NBA Draft, many people think he should sit out the rest of the season. While Duke has an incredible team that could very well make a run at a national championship, Zion is risking getting injured again or making it worse. Overall ruining his chances at being one of the best NBA players in a long time. Sports Reporter Darren Rovell asked Twitter what they think.

There you have it, 2 out of 3 people think Zion should call it quits. NBA players Trae Young and Isaiah Thomas also expressed their opinions saying that they believe Zion should rest. It will an interesting next week or so to see what Zion will do.

Drama in Pittsburgh

Four time All-Pro Antonio Brown has put up hall of fame numbers during his nine year career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now suddenly wants to be traded? Yesterday, February 19th, Brown and Steelers owner Art Rooney agreed that it’s time to move on. Brown went to Twitter and said the two “cleared air on several issues” and “both agreed it’s time to move on”. Brown still has three more years left on his contract with the Steelers, meaning that the only way he can leave is through a trade.

Antonio Brown was frustrated for most of the 2018-2019 season, mostly with Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Head Coach Mike Tomlin. Brown believes that coach Tomlin is “too aligned” with his QB Roethlisberger. This basically means that Brown doesn’t think he is getting the appreciation he deserves and that the coach should be listening to him more often. Brown pretty much gave up on the team during the last week of the season as he chose to sit out in the Steelers crucial final game.

Steelers fans and media all across the nation were quick to express their feelings towards Brown’s decision to leave the team. This fan chose to burn his Antonio Brown jersey in what is now becoming the standard way of showing your feelings towards a player that leaves a team on bad terms (Warning: NSFW Language).

Popular sports vocalist Stephen A. Smith expressed his feelings that Brown should not leave the team and try to figure something out. Stating that he is too good for something like this to happen.

Arizona Cardinals Cornerback Patrick Peterson is already trying to recruit Brown to join his team, as I’m sure many players around the league will also try to do.

It will be interesting to follow any news regarding Antonio Brown during the NFL offseason. The NFL will be a different league next year with a player as talented as Brown playing for another team. Some of the early favorites to land the WR include the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, and Oakland Raiders.

Two Players Kicked Off West Virginia’s Men’s Basketball Team

The West Virginia Mountaineers basketball season has been one to forget since the start. That being said, Monday’s news shouldn’t be much of a surprise for Mountaineer fans. On February 11th, the team announced that they have dismissed senior Esa Ahmad and junior Wesley Harris for violating athletic department policies. Ahmad and Harris have been the workhorses for the Mountaineers this year. Ahmad averaged the most minutes per game with 28 while Harris was a close second with 25. Most fans would probably agree that if they had to put money on two guys to get kicked off the team, it would be these guys. Both have had their share of problems following rules in the past. Ahmad served a half-season suspension last year for failing a drug test, while Harris still faces a battery charge from July where he allegedly broke someone’s nose in a traffic altercation. These guys have been on their last straw for awhile, and in a season as pathetic as this one, Coach Huggins had no issue sending them packing.

Image result for esa ahmad and wesley harris

With both Ahmad and Harris off the team, the Mountaineers roster is terribly limited. Star center Sagaba Konante has been on the bench with an injury for most of the year. Beetle Bolden, another dependable player, has also recently come down with an injury. This means that WVU will have only nine players on scholarship for their game this Saturday, which is an extremely low number. Five of those players are freshman.

Image result for two players dismissed from wvu basketball team

Derek Redd of the Charleston Gazette-Mail offered an interesting opinion on how dismissing these players was the best move coach Huggins could have made. He explained that the reason this team has been so bad this year is due to a lack of leadership.Ahmad and Harris are the ones that should have been the leaders. Ahmad was always a decent player with a lot of potential that never wanted to get better. Harris was a dirty player that didn’t seem to care about rules. The poor actions and mentality demonstrated by the two started to reflect on the young players. Which coach Huggins does not tolerate whatsoever. WVU will hope to end the season on a high note and move on to next year with a few admirable players leading the squad.

WVU Basketball Wes Harris Front

Backlash of Missed Penalty Call in NFC Championship

With the Super Bowl officially in the rear-view, the NFL offseason is underway. Football fans all across the nation will be wondering the same thing, what will the NFL do about the missed pass interference penalty call in the Saints vs. Rams NFC Championship game. Will there be a rule change? Tough to say. Here is a little information on what happened that game and how the sports world reacted.

On January 20th 2019, the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams matched up for what was expected to be a shootout of an NFC Championship game. Unfortunately, the game was decided over a clear missed pass interference penalty that ultimately caused the Saints to lose the football game. A fury from sports fans everywhere quickly followed. Other NFL players were quick to go on twitter to express their thoughts on the penalty, most showed no remorse.

Some saints fans even took matters into their own hands and sued the NFL over the no call and demanded the game to be rematched. The lawsuit includes claims such as suffering mental anguish, emotional trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life. Yes, some people really do care this much about sports. The lawsuit did not result in the game being replayed but still, the NFL has not faced this much scrutiny in a long time.

Most fans did not want to get involved in the legal side of things, but thousands were quick to sign an online petition to replay the game. The petition received over 150,000 signatures in the 24 hours following the end of the game. The play was so contreversioal that a sports betting site returned gamblers lost money over the game. This hardly EVER happens.

Immediately after the game, Saint’s head coach Sean Payton got on the phone with the league office and demanded an explanation. Payton said that the officials admitted that they missed the call, which was good, but didn’t change the outcome of the game. Payton said “We’ll probably never get over it.”

The most important thing that fans are taking away from this missed call and the game overall is what will the NFL do to make sure that this never happens again in the future? NFL games these days are filled with replays to make sure the call is correct, but why can’t they replay pass interference calls? Many are questioning whether the NFL will in fact go ahead and change the rules. Others think that the NFL is left with no choice but to allow replay on these types of plays, but in the long run will end up ruining the league.

The NFL has to do something or we will be seeing more and more articles that claim the NFL is “rigged”. Speculators will say that this call was done on purpose and that high ranking NFL officials had millions of dollars wagered on the game and needed the call to go their way. These acquisitions are hard to read and I hope that the NFL will act accordingly.

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