Drama in Pittsburgh

Four time All-Pro Antonio Brown has put up hall of fame numbers during his nine year career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now suddenly wants to be traded? Yesterday, February 19th, Brown and Steelers owner Art Rooney agreed that it’s time to move on. Brown went to Twitter and said the two “cleared air on several issues” and “both agreed it’s time to move on”. Brown still has three more years left on his contract with the Steelers, meaning that the only way he can leave is through a trade.

Antonio Brown was frustrated for most of the 2018-2019 season, mostly with Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Head Coach Mike Tomlin. Brown believes that coach Tomlin is “too aligned” with his QB Roethlisberger. This basically means that Brown doesn’t think he is getting the appreciation he deserves and that the coach should be listening to him more often. Brown pretty much gave up on the team during the last week of the season as he chose to sit out in the Steelers crucial final game.

Steelers fans and media all across the nation were quick to express their feelings towards Brown’s decision to leave the team. This fan chose to burn his Antonio Brown jersey in what is now becoming the standard way of showing your feelings towards a player that leaves a team on bad terms (Warning: NSFW Language).

Popular sports vocalist Stephen A. Smith expressed his feelings that Brown should not leave the team and try to figure something out. Stating that he is too good for something like this to happen.

Arizona Cardinals Cornerback Patrick Peterson is already trying to recruit Brown to join his team, as I’m sure many players around the league will also try to do.

It will be interesting to follow any news regarding Antonio Brown during the NFL offseason. The NFL will be a different league next year with a player as talented as Brown playing for another team. Some of the early favorites to land the WR include the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, and Oakland Raiders.