Odell Trade Shocks World

On March 13th, 2019 the sports world was shocked with one of the craziest trades in NFL history. Odell Beckham Jr. has been traded to the Cleveland Browns.

I personally did not believe the news when I heard it, one of the best wide receivers in the league going to the Browns? As any sports fan would know, the Browns are terrible. However, due to recent acquisitions the Browns now have the fifth best odds to win the Super Bowl. Now this may be seen as good news to Browns fans, I am going to be focusing on the bad news, which is mostly for Giants fans and the NFL as a whole. The main reason this trade is worth talking about on this blog is because of what Dave Gettleman, general manager of the New York Giants told his fanbase.

“We didn’t sign Odell to trade him.” Based on recent events it looks like yes, the Giants did sign Odell to trade him. In August of 2018 the Giants signed Beckham to a five year $90 million extension. Due to rumors surrounding Beckham during the NFL combine, Gettlemen released the statement, 13 days later Beckham is traded. Gettleman has come out and said that “things changed”. “Frankly, what changed is the other team made an offer we couldn’t refuse.” The Giants secured first and third round picks and safety Jabrill Peppers. “There is no intrigue. There is no he-said, she-said. None of that stuff. Odell was a tremendous talent, making him a valuable asset. With football being the ultimate team game, we turned that into three assets at the very least.” Said Gettleman. Based on this unexpected trade, it’s safe to say that NFL GM’s can not be trusted. Business is business, but the lesson to learn here is don’t rely on words to seal the deal.

The trade obviously produced some reactions from players across the NFL, specifically at Dave Gettleman, here are my favorites.

Obviously, there is something wrong with the Giants front office and they will continue to be one of the NFL’s worst teams if a change is not made. Hopefully they can rebuild into the powerhouse they once were.

Three Losers of the NFL Combine

The 2019 NFL Combine wrapped up with week with some interesting performances. While some players showed out, others could have done better.

The NFL Combine is a place where players can show NFL scouts exactly how athletic they are in terms of numbers. While performance in college is the main factor that will determine if a player is drafted or not, the NFL combine is a great way to boost draft stock or lower it. Let’s take a look at some of the disappointments in this years NFL Combine.

  1. WR A.J. Brown

Ole Miss Wide Receiver A.J Brown had himself a steller season for the Rebels putting up 1,320 receiving yards ranking 6th in the NCAA. Before the combine Brown told the media that he is the best receiver available. However, the numbers he put up in the combine did not suggest that. Other WR’s like N’Keal Henry and Hakeem Butler preformed like they are the best in the class. Scouts like to see confidence in players, but at least back it up.

2. DE Jachai Polite

Florida DE Jachai Polite had basically everything go wrong for him during the NFL Combine. He first complained that all the media did was “bash him” during interviews. He thought they would test his character by just talking football with him. Sorry, that’s not how you test character.

He then went on to perform terribly in the combine showing scouts that the media really got in his head. Facing the media is one of the most important parts of being in the NFL and he basically just showed everyone he is incapable of that.

He capped of the combine by injuring himself. Talk about a nightmare of a weekend.

3. QB Drew Lock

Missouri Quarterback Drew Lock is expected to be drafted in the top 10 according to some experts after an impressive college season. Lock put up some quality numbers in the combine but had some questionable answers for the media. When Lock was asked to rate his accuracy on a scale from 1-10 he answered 10.

This is great. However, when he was asked about his tendency to throw at weird arm angles he said,  “It’s probably going to be hard to change, unless someone really needs me to change it, then I will. But that’s just who I am as a quarterback.” C’mon man! don’t tell everyone how you won’t change your tendencies. What if a NFL coach demands it.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the routes these players would have to take from their college stadium to their new NFL stadium. Based on a recent NFL mock draft here is what I came up with.

Demaryius Thomas Arrested

Former Denver Broncos and Houston Texans wide receiver Demaryius Thomas turned himself in to the police on Wednesday, February 27th. He is facing a felony charge of vehicular assault after being involved in a crash in early February. He was held in jail for just overnight as he also had reckless driving and not having proof of insurance misdemeanors. The crash occurred on Feb. 16 just a few days after he was released by the Texans.

Thomas has been in the NFL for the past nine season and has put up numbers that put him around the top five WRs in the league. He has made four Pro Bowls and won the Super Bowl with the Broncos in 2015. His season came to an early close last season when he tore his achilles and now with his arrest it’s unsure whether a team will sign him. Thomas is now 31 years old and has said that he does not want to retire, however he might have no other choice.